Identifying what your brand should do

Branding is so much more than getting your key markets to select you over your competition. You need to identify your business to your potential customers as being uniquely positioned to provide the right product or service where and when they need it.

Your brand should deliver:

• A clear message
• Be credible in its marketplace
• Emotionally connect
• Motivate engagement
• Create and instil loyalty

In your quest to succeed in branding terms, you must understand your customers, prospective and otherwise, and implement the components of your branding both consistently and strategically at every point of customer contact.

This would undoubtedly include your website & SEO, social media, email marketing, printed collateral including stationery, leaflets and brochures, signage, display and livery, packaging, photography and even interiors. This must be considered and strategic, so working with a good Scottish Borders Marketing and Design Company that takes the time to understand your business and the journey it is taking is key.

As your target group begin to identify with your business, your brand will occupy a unique place in their hearts and minds prompting engagement on an emotional level.

Making sure your brand delivers in the Scottish Borders & beyond

Your brand is effectively your promise and whatever service or product you are offering, it must meet, even surpass your customers' expectations, so when your are developing a strategic marketing plan, your brand serves as a guide to understanding the purpose of your key business objectives enabling you to align the plan with those objectives.

Branding is most certainly not superficial. It must be well substantiated and an important part of its job is to create loyalty. Your brand must deliver in terms of service, quality and overall customer experience. If you can say with confidence that your business branding achieves all these things, then you are well on the way to creating a brand you can be proud of.