Marketing in the Scottish Borders

The Scottish Borders Marketing Landscape

A true marketing mix for the Scottish Borders

Marketing covers a whole range of skills and competencies but the truth is that as a discipline, it always holds the key to unlocking the potential and subsequent success of any business and creativity is at the very centre of the mix.

The fundamental marketing principles today are the same as they have always been. Its really about bringing products and services to attention of the right people, in the right place, at the right time and at the right price.

Building relationships with your customers is a continually evolving process, so the need to constantly surprise and delight is a real one - your competition will see to that!

First comes your business and market analysis to develop a clear strategy packed full of ideas and then comes the tools and skill sets to deliver your plan.

In this day and age, it is likely that a significant proportion of your marketing mix is going to be digital, although offline activity may also be highly effective, such as printed collateral, conventional media advertising, perhaps even direct mail, but rest assured, all of this will be underpinned by clear and effective branding which talks your customers' language.

Collaborative Marketing & Creativity

Ultimately, the entire process is driven by creativity and in conjunction with this I work with a close associate marketing consultant, Jonathan Harrison who is like minded in his approach.

Jonathan is widely experienced, having worked for a large number of businesses through the Scottish Borders and beyond, covering online & offline marketing, website builds, high end technical SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Sales & Marketing alignment, Social Media, Strategy, Planning covering just about every element of the so called marketing mix.

His instinctive approach along with his insatiable enthusiasm is infectious, liberating and highly effective.

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"I have worked with Jonathan for some years now. He has a high level of integrity, and is both energetic and pragmatic in his approach, in what is a complex area. He simply takes the time and effort to understand our commercial goals and focusses on delivering tangible results. With his Google accreditation he understands best practice, whether via organic or paid for results, he always delivers."

Stuart Jackson, Director, Real Foods

"John has provided a first class, professional service from initial concept to website launch. We have very much valued his advice and experience throughout the whole process. He has always been very prompt to reply to emails and queries and has always dealt with our requests without issue, he has made the whole design process a pleasure. The final website has exceeded our expectations and would highly recommend John’s branding and website design service to anyone. Despite the volume of work involved the website was launched in a very timely manner without any compromise or exception."


"John took time to properly explore our motivation for re-branding, and his understanding of our ambition was unlike anyone else we had consulted. He was amenable to our ideas and input, and continually kept us involved throughout the design process. We are thoroughly delighted with the unique and strong branding he has created for us, which reflects our values and individuality. His proficiency across a mix of media was particularly appealing to us. His creativity has led to a final product has exceeded our expectations."

NEIL MORELAND managing director