Green & Sustainable tourism is not just a phrase that is 'trending', soon to be replaced by another social media chat up line tomorrow, it is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future.

So as well as offering you the chance to do your bit for the environment, there is marketing ground to be gained over your competition in the Scottish Borders Tourist Industry by offering your guests and visitors an irresistible itinerary of environmentally conscious measures, many of which directly relate to the product and service you offer.

Your green credentials as a business go way beyond paying lip service to your moral and ethical compass. They relate specifically to how you run your business, reflecting your commitment, attention to detail and resolve to do the best you possibly can for your customers and the planet.

This undoubtedly will align your business with the environmentally responsible thinking of an ever increasing number of tourists and could easily serve as your 'point of difference' in what you offer.

The implications for your brand are obvious given that it is a reflection of you and your business to your customers and suppliers. Where you position yourself and the way in which you choose to do that is down to 'frontline activity' and your brand carries that responsibility.

The substance behind your green credentials will, in all likelihood, be a mix of considerations, many of which are listed below.

• Food waste
• Food miles
• Single use plastics
• Sustainable power (Either a sustainable electricity supply or solar/wind.)
• Use and serve local (Products and food.)
• Travel (Public transport, electric cars, access to bikes and so on.)
• Removing plastic based sheets (Use more cotton based laundry products.)
• Recycle rather than just buy new
• Use any land to help the environment thrive (Flowers to help the bees, wild flowers and areas for wildlife to roam, trees etc.)

How you decide to implement your frontline activity will depend on a number of key considerations, some of which will be unique to your business but below are a few pointers.

• Gain some certifications, one example or perhaps Visit Scotland, sustainable tourism
• Ensure all your materials, including your website, are clear about your credentials
• Make sure your brand and print materials reflects your passion to be green
• Run green campaigns and help the local community. Use this on your social media prompting engagement and following
• Find Green tourism websites online and green tourism travel agents to list you

Embracing your commitment to the well being of the environment and implementing the measures that you decide to take, will be rewarding in every sense of the word. The process of re evaluation and the need for effective marketing is a natural part running a successful business so rejoice in the opportunity to look a little harder at the legacy of your business and the impact that it has on the planet and your business potential.