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Brand & Web Design

Oval 4x4 Jaguar & Land Rover Specialist

Brand and Website design for Jaguar Land Rover specialist


Oval 4x4 Jaguar & Land Rover pecialists


Brand Design & Website Design & Build


Brand & Website Designer/Illustrator

This was a new business created to offer high levels of expertise and service to the many thousands of Land Rover and Jaguar owners who were looking for an alternative to the main JLR dealerships for routine maintenance and repairs.

Oval 4x4's technicians have been dealer trained to Master Technician level and using the latest dealer diagnostic tooling to ensure accurate fault diagnosis, vehicles can be repaired without fuss, whilst still complying with the manufacturer's warranties and these high levels of service apply to Land Rover and Jaguars of all ages.

Creating this branding and website was all about building trust in an enthusiasts marketplace, traditionally lacking the access to a high quality service at a reasonable cost when it comes to vehicle maintenance.

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