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Neil Morland Housing Consultants

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Neil Morland Housing Consultants


Brand & Website Design & Development


Designer & Website Builder

I was commissioned by Neil and Kate to review the name and branding of their Housing Consultancy business.

The brief was to convey all the key attributes of the business and emphasise the teamwork and collaborative nature of the consultancy.

For me, the simplest solution lay in the adoption of 'and company' as a reference to the team and utilising the second syllable of Neil's surname as a quirky piece of shorthand to do the job.

Neil and Kate wanting a very understated website design using poignant imagery, as well as content-rich text.

The result is a simple, elegant client focussed website which quietly informs rather shouts from the rooftops.

I was able to shoot a portrait of Neil however logistics prevented me from doing so for the other members of the team, so I created imagery from individual photographs supplied combining them with appropriate backgrounds.

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