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Spyndl is a business growth agency whose aim, first and foremost, is to help businesses grow using a clearly defined process, and repeatable methods.

The business uses 'Hubspot' technology to drive this, with an emphasis on automation and efficiency. Spyndl services are what you would expect: inbound marketing, inbound sales and inbound service management.

I created the name 'Spyndl' (and the unique spelling) which highlights the dynamism and energy behind the business as well as adopting a bright and vibrant colour palette in conjunction with some striking animate imagery.

This provides the platform to build a truly memorable and distinctive brand both on and offline.

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John Hamlin Spyndl Branding & Website Design

John Hamlin Spyndl Branding & Website Design
Ongoing Involvement

I am currently overseeing the design of the website and will continue to advise on the the development of this exciting new business. I look forward to posting updates as the project continues to unfold.